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A friendly club with a licensed bar, delightful hall, excellent dance floor, ample parking and free wifi.
While the pandemic grips us we present at random some old images from happier days!

Ballroom & Sequence with live musicFacebook

Hiam holds regular 50/50 Ballroom & Sequence dances, with live music, except where indicated. Musicians are expected to play the same number of generally alternating ballroom and sequence dances, and to give equal time to both.

Thursday Tea Dances to CDs

Regrettably, these have been cancelled until further notice

Big Band Ballroom Dances

The club also hosts occasional Big Band ballroom dances. These are indicated on the programme.

For information about ballroom ring Veronica on 07842 146308 or 01353 667569

April 2019
Chris Booth
Remember when...?
Saturday 27th:
Chris Booth 8pm-11pm £5.50 members £7.00 non-members

July 2010
Alan and Val (CDs)
Remember when...?
Tuesday 27th:
Alan and Val (CDs) 8pm-11pm £5.00 members £6.50 non-members

Robert Davies Tea Dance
Remember when...?
Sunday 9th:
Robert Davies Tea Dance 2pm-5pm £4 members £5.50 non-members, including tea/coffee and biscuits.

January 2018
Gary Cole
Remember when...?
Saturday 27th:
Gary Cole 8pm-11pm £5.50 members £7 non-members

November 2018
Andrew Wilson
Remember when...?
Saturday 24th:
Andrew Wilson 8pm-11pm £5.50 members £7 non-members

August 2018
David Last
Remember when...?
Sunday 5th:
David Last Tea Dance 2pm-5pm £4.50 members £6 non-members

July 2018
Garry Cole
Remember when...?
Saturday 21st:
Garry Cole 8pm-11pm £5.5 members £7 non-members

May 2018
Stuart Burr
Remember when...?
Saturday 26th:
Stuart Burr £5.5 members £7 non-members

November 2017
Gary Cole
Remember when...?
Saturday 18th:
Gary Cole 8pm-11pm £5 members £6.50 non-members

October 2018
David Ingley
Remember when...?
Sunday 7th:
David Ingley Tea Dance 2pm-5pm £4.50 members £6 non-members


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